Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Keyboard recording software roundup

I just finished looking around for a freeware program that could handle keyboard shortcuts that might be several keys in length. Here are the results of my research, I hope they are of some use to you as well. If they help you, do me a favour and leave me a comment to let me know.





To be able to hit Control-F12 or something like that and have it execute a series of keystrokes. For example, to open a menu in the interface and select an item in that menu that does not have a keyboard shortcut assigned to it.

Note that there is not stated need for the mouse to be scriptable, but several of the products I list have that capability as well.

My Research:

Though somewhat limited, you should be able to do what you want with this utility:

  • http://www.digital-miner.com/hkcontrol.html

It is freeware, though like almost all freeware you are encouraged to donate if you enjoy the program.

Another program that can do what you want is called Hot Key Pro, but it costs 30 dollars. I found it to be very easy to use and does a lot of powerfull things. It can be found here:

  • http://www.hot-keyboard.com/

The one I like the best, because it is the most flexible, is:

  • http://members.ij.net/anthonymathews/MacroMaker.htm

It is free, and can do mouse and keyboard recordings, and can do other things like insert delays in the commands, add system variable values, etc...

Finally, a great resource for all of the varous programs that do this sort of things I found here at tucows:

  • http://www.tucows.com/downloads/Windows/DevelopmentWebAuthoring/Hotkeys/

Good luck,



The program I also use that can probably do this is called "StrokeIt". (http://www.tcbmi.com/strokeit). I mentioned it in a previous email to the company waaaay back in June or May -- it allows you to perform mouse gestures to trigger actions. I use it for ease of use in navigating my browser windows and for opening and closing programs. For example, if I draw a letter C with the middle mouse button held down, it will close the current window I am looking at. If I draw a _| (inverted L) figured, then it will send a PAGEUP keyboard command to the current window, etc... I have mapped forwardnad back buttons in the web browser to left and right strokes, etc...

StrokeIt can also do keyboard shortcuts,a nd I believe it can send multiple keys, but I didn't bother to figure it out since I found so many other programs that worked and I figured you weren't so much interested in mouse stroke software as you were int he keyboard macros. If you change your mind about that, do let me convert you :)